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Mailing List: If you're an Ohio State student or a faculty member and want to be added to our mailing list, click here: and fill out the form! Email our secretary, Katie Lenz with any questions. Once you've been added to our mailing list, you'll receive our weekly newsletter and updates about swe-sponsored events here at OSU.

Facebook: You can join us on Facebook and be invited to our Facebook events. Being in the Facebook group is a great way to keep in touch with other SWE members and stay connected to happenings and opportunities throughout the year.

Societal Membership: We recommend becoming a SWE Societal Member for even further benefits. To become a member, click on the link above and select the join option.  Then select the 'Become a Member (Non-member)' link and follow the instructions to complete the process. You will be asked to select the type of membership you want- they are listed below with prices.

Collegiate to Career- For a one-time $50 payment, collegiate members can obtain a SWE membership for their collegiate years through the first year they qualify for professional grade membership. C2C is beneficial to students with two or more years of schooling left.  This is the type of membership typically recommended to our new SWE members here at Ohio State!

Collegiate- SWE Membership is available for $20 to college students majoring in engineering. No application fee is required.  To be eligible, you must be a college student and not employed full time in engineering.

Joint- This option allows you to join SWE and one of the following three professional organizations for a reduced rate: The American Indian Science and Engineering Society (AISES), the National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE), or the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers (SHPE). (Only available April 15-December31)

Ohio State SWE Society Code: G059

Finally, remember to renew your membership every year even if you have C2C!!


Please contact our secretary Katie Lenz for more information on membership or if you have any questions.