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Outreach is a core value of the Society of Women Engineers at The Ohio State University. We aim to introduce students to engineering and design thinking, instill a greater sense of confidence in problem solving abilities, and ultimately empower students to achieve their fullest potential. We partner with a diverse set of Ohio State student organizations and community partners to host outreach events with students in grade K-12 that impact hundreds of students every year.

Outreach is an amazing opportunity to get more involved in SWE, as well as a great way to encourage young women to consider a career in engineering by exposing them to engineering ideas and mentors and build their confidence.

If you're interested in getting more involved in Outreach activities or partner with us, contact Emma Rand to learn about opportunities through SWE!

Elementary Level

College Mentors For Kids: 

We hold 2/3 events per semester with the student organization College Mentors for Kids in which we plan 4 stations that cover a range of engineering topics. The kids range from first grade to fifth grade, thus the stations get more in depth with the age. CMFK partners with West Franklin Elementary, Linden STEM Academy, Hamilton STEM Academy, Highland Elementary, and Weinland Park Elementary. More information about their organization can be found here.

Girls Scouts Fall:

We hold 1 large Girl Scout event in the fall for first and second grade girls. Troops come from throughout Franklin County to learn about the engineering design process. The girls have the opportunity to think like various types of engineers (electrical, civil, environmental) to design and build a Green School.

Girl Scouts Spring:

We hold 1 large Girl Scout event in the spring for second and third grade girls. Troops come from throughout Franklin County to perform various engineering activities. We plan 6 stations that range in engineering topics and each girl has the opportunity to visit each station.

Middle School

Gladden House:

We partner with Dr. Vicky Doan-Nguyen in the Material Science and Engineering Department to volunteer as engineering mentors at the Gladden Community House. This monthly after school event introduces kids to engineering concepts with a focus on sustainability and renewable energy by using hands-on activities.  More information about Gladden House can be found here and additional information about Dr. Doan-Nguyen’s outreach efforts can be found here

First Lego League:

We hold 2 First Lego League events in partnership with  each year for teams with kids ranging from 9-14 years old. The teams come from throughout Ohio to compete at the competition. The first annual event held in December of 2019 brought over 300 people to campus. We volunteer our time to help make the event run smoother. For more information on the event click here.

High School

Pen Pals:

We have developed a program to connect high school students interested in engineering with college students via email. Throughout the year a pen pals email bi-weekly  and builds a mentor-mentee relationship. They can talk about engineering, school, what they like to do for fun, pets,or anything else. This is a great way to get involved in outreach with little time commitment. If you are interested in getting involved with the pen-pal program please reach out to Megan Shaffer to get started! To hear from one of our partner schools click here.


We hold one event per semester with the student organization Refuge for high school students from Columbus. Refuge is a student organization whose mission is to empower young adult New American (refugee, immigrant, asylee, etc) students and make higher level education more accessible through mentorship. We plan a presentation talking about all the disciplines of engineering as well as a hands-on activity showing the engineering thought process in action.