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For the first time ever, Ohio State SWE hosted our very own conference where our members are the ones giving the sessions! Members got to learn about everything from self-management & development to career management and technical innovations from your very own SWEsters. If you missed our wonderful conference, you're in luck! Below are all the recordings of each session:

Session 1: Internships 101: A Panel Discussion with 4 SWEsters

This session was unable to be recorded but if you have any questions for any of our panelists, you can reach out to them via email; Amy Kadakia, Bridgette Wadge, Katie Lenz, and Kayla Seppelt.

Session 2: Reignite: A Guide to Battling Burnout

Session 3: Understanding the Power Grid

Session 4: You Have a Great Idea... Now What?

Session 5: The Baggage we Bring: Findining Success in Failure

Session 6: Societal SWE: Overview and Opportunities

Session 7: Diversity, Tech and a Sustainable Future

Session 8: Marketing Yourself: How to Apply When You Don't Fit the Required Major

Session 9: How to Stress Less


About Conference

Every year, Ohio State SWE travels to Societal Conference in the fall and WELocal conference in the spring. Both are incredible opportunities for our members to learn, grow and network with thousands of other women in engineering!

Click here for testimonials on our past conference experiences.

If you have any questions, please contact Kayla Seppelt.

Fall Societal SWE

Societal Conference is the largest gathering of female engineers in the world. It features dynamic keynote speakers, breakout sessions and workshops on hundreds of topics, and an incredible career fair aimed at helping members network within the corporate world.

Spring WeLocal

WE Local conferences offer a more personalized opportunity for SWE members to connect with and learn from other collegiate members and engineering professionals. These smaller-scale experience provide a great introduction to societal SWE and help develop our section's future leaders!

                                       Past SWE Conferences


2019 SWE National Conference in Anaheim, California


2017 WELocal Conference in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

2017 SWE National Convention in Austin, Texas