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OSU SWE Believes Black Lives Matter.

SWE's strategic goals and values are centered around Diversity and Inclusion.  While we have continually strived to create an inclusive environment for all, we recognize there is always room for improvement.  We thank everyone who has already reached out to us with ideas on how to grow.  With this in mind, our officers have been brainstorming initiatives, both immediate and long-term, to support the Black Lives Matter movement and strengthen our Diversity & Inclusion efforts as a whole.

As these initiatives get set in motion, we will keep the section updated through our GroupMe and social media platforms.

We value the voices of our members and encourage all to get involved in the conversation.  If you have any ideas or thoughts on how SWE can grow, please do not hesitate to reach out to us on any of our social media platforms.  However, if you're unsure where to start, this article contains some great resources for educating ourselves and starting on the path to becoming better allies.

How Can We Fight to Be Better Allies in STEM?

On a Personal Level

VOTE. It's critical to use your voice to fight for things that are important to you; registering to vote for the November election is a crucial piece in this.

EDUCATE YOURSELF. Use the resources we've provided on the side bar to investigate the history of racial injustice in America. Know that it isn't the responsibility of the Black community to educate youbut be willing to listen to the experiences and troubles faced by Black peers.

PROMOTE AN INCLUSIVE ENVIRONMENT. Seek out images, practices, and language associated with your research area that may exclude or cause harm to researchers of color, and how they can be dismantled. Use your platform to support funding and policy changes that value Black lives and ease burdens perpetuating systemic inequity. 

On a Local Level

SUPPORT LOCAL BLACK OWNED BUSINESSES. Keep an eye out on the SWE blog where we'll go more in depth with some of our favorite Columbus-based Black owned businesses.

REACH OUT TO ELECTED OFFICIALS. Because matters of the police are primarily under the jurisdiction of local governments, text or email your elected officials to let them know what improvements they need to make.

On a State and National Level

We have the power to bring about change and fight for others wherever we are. With or without money, we can exercise our rights in America in many ways:

PROTESTING. The First Amendement grants all of which who reside in the United States the right to protest and within the state of Ohio there have been many protests of which anyone may attend. Protests are a great way to let the frustration and disapproval of police brutality and injustices be heard. Through protesting we realize that we're not alone in this fight and that together we can fight racism. Remember to research any Protesting Tips to be aware of and know what to do during harmful situations.​

DONATING. These are some worthy causes we've found based in Ohio:

VOTING. Now more than ever is it important to vote. Protests help push agendas but it is with our vote that we can decide who will represent us. Important dates in the State of Ohio:



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